The Editorial Board of the Scientific Collection "Topical Issues in the Humanities: An Intercollegiate Collection of Scientific Papers of Young Scientists of Ivan Franko Drohobych Pedagogical University" invites you to participate in the publication of Issue No. 70.

2023 journal publication schedule


Journal No.

Deadline for submitting materials

Date of distribution of printed collections


January, 31, 2023



February, 28, 2023



March, 31, 2023



May, 2, 2023



May, 31, 2023



June, 27, 2023



July, 31, 2023



August, 31, 2023



September, 29, 2023



October, 27, 2023


69 November, 30, 2023 29.02.2024
70 December, 28, 2023 29.03.2024


Thematic sections of the collection of scientific works: "History", "Art Studies", "Linguistics. Literary Studies", "Pedagogy".


To publish an article in Issue No. 70, 2023, please fill out the author's reference via link and send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than Decembert 28, 2023, with the following materials:

  1. Article designed in accordance with the above requirements.
  2. Scanned receipt for payment for the publication of a scientific article.

The publication fee is paid after the confirmation of the information on acceptance of materials to publishing (requisites are provided by the editorial board).

The amount of the publication fee is 1200 UAH. If the volume of the article exceeds 15 pages, then for each additional page it is necessary to pay 50 UAH.

The publication fee covers the costs associated with review, proofreading and editing of articles, layout of the collection and placement of its electronic version.

The electronic version of the journal is timely placed in public access on the publication's website.

If desired, the author of the article can order a printed copy of the magazine. The cost of a printed copy is UAH 800, which must be paid in addition to the publication fee.

The electronic version of the magazine will be posted on the website until February 29, 2024.

The printed version of the journal will be sent to authors of articles who order a printed copy by March 29, 2024.

Articles in Ukrainian, Polish and English are accepted.

No more than three authors are allowed in the article.

Scientific articles should be signed by the author's name (for example, Ivanenko's article; Ivanenko's receipt).

The journal editorial staff receives and registers DOI for articles.


Academic integrity

All articles are peer-reviewed and plagiarized.

The articles are checked for plagiarism using the software developed by the Polish company